Oscar Wendelin Berg

Software Developer & leader

I am a generalist software developer, architect and leader with broad interest in development of products, workflows and tools.

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For the past 9 years I've been in leadership positions and part of growing a company from 5 to 100 employees.


Since starting within IT in 2004 I've dealt mostly with games development and web, but I've figured that it does not matter what I do. The fun lies in the creation process.


I have good understanding of the fundamentals of the modern software development setup including VCSs, package managers, artifact managers and registries, build systems etc.


I like the overall DevOps concepts of value streams and finding good ways of visualizing and automating the regular flow of work.

I enjoy fiddling with Node.js and trying to keep up in the fast-moving JavaScript community.

I have spent a lots of time in a love/hate relationship with Jenkins and it's myriad of plugins.

I have a decent understanding of cloud. I've seen the light in the configuration tunnel (embraced IaC principles with Serverless Framework, CloudFormation templates, Ansible playbooks and more).


"Defer commitment" is my favorite Lean principle. Architect your solution so that fewer commitments are irreversible. Defer commitment on irreversible decisions to the latest point possible.


I believe that rules are meant to be broken understood and followed if and when they make sense and auto tested in any way possible.


I prefer working with Unix-like operating systems. Linux for back-end/cloud, MacOS for front-end.


I've made countless poor decisions and solutions that did not survive the test of time (but hopefully a few good ones too).


For a detailed CV, feel free to get in touch via email or LinkedIn.

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